Our Privacy Policy

This document is part of our Terms of Service, which you should read and understand before using any services provided by PDFDATA.io.

This privacy policy statement describes our general practices with regard to any and all information that we collect from you when you access this website, which can be summarized by four points:

  • We do not collect personal or private information about you or yourcomputer/browser without your knowledge and consent.
  • We will always allow you to correct, amend, or remove personal or privateinformation that you have previously submitted to us with consent.
  • We will always take reasonable steps to protect any and all personal andprivate information that you submit to us.
  • We will never, ever release, sell, exchange, or otherwise disclose to anythird party via any means any personal or private information you submit tous. (In the event that you enter a contest, raffle, or sweepstakes operated byus, the protection of the information you provide within that context may begoverned by a separate privacy policy associated with the contest, raffle, orsweepstakes.)

In the event that PDFDATA.io is involved in a merger, acquisition, or other corporate asset transaction, information collected through your use of this website may be transferred to the other party in the transaction.