PDF data extraction as-a-service

You have PDF documents, but you need the data and content inside. Get at that data with a simple, featureful API built by experts with decades of experience extracting structured data from PDFs.

All the data

A lot of useful data went into producing each PDF, but getting it back out is harder than it should be. PDFDATA.io provides access to all of that data, structured how you want. Text, bitmap images, form data, tabular data, annotations, region-based templates, and more.


PDFDATA.io is delivered to you via easy-to-use client libraries for the languages you care about: JavaScript (Node), Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, and more. Of course, you can tap directly into the API via HTTP if you prefer.

Scalably Affordable

Every service tier gets all of PDFDATA.io, and unlimited API calls and data extraction operations. Pricing is set on a per-document basis, so you'll always know exactly how much you'll be charged, and estimating costs for projects or workflows is simple.

Pick your plan

PDFDATA.io can accommodate your workflow. Our per-document pricing means it's easy to right-size your PDFDATA.io API access.


per month

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includes 250 documents

20¢ per extra document

Spunky Upstart

per month

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includes 1,000 documents

15¢ per extra document

Serious Business

per month

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includes 5,000 documents

9¢ per extra document


per month

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includes 25,000 documents

3¢ per extra document

Blue Chip

per month

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includes 50,000 documents

2¢ per extra document

Need more? PDFDATA.io offers everything you need for enterprise-class PDF data extraction, including special rates for very high-volume workflows and managed dedicated environments. Please email us for details.