We make PDF documents just another data source

You have PDF documents, but you need the data and content inside. Get at that data with a simple, featureful API built by experts with decades of experience extracting structured data from PDFs.

See some data extraction operations in action

All the data

Essential data goes into producing each PDF, but getting it back out is harder than it should be. provides access to all of that data, structured to match your applications and databases. Text, bitmap images, form data, tabular data, annotations, region-based templates, and more.

Simple HTTP API is delivered to you via easy-to-use client libraries for the languages you care about: JavaScript (Node), Java, Scala, Clojure, and more coming. Of course, you can tap directly into the API via HTTP from any environment.

Predictably Scalable

Every service tier gets all of, and unlimited API calls and data extraction operations. Pricing is set on a per-document and per-page basis, so it's easy to project costs for your project or workflow.

Our in-browser toolkit simplifies every step of integrating the API into your application:

  • Upload and view your source documents
  • Try different data extraction operations
  • Identify and name your data elements
    (relevant to page-templates operation only)
  • Get sample code for your preferred programming language that includes any custom configuration you developed within the toolkit

Start for free

Check out our service plans, dig into our friendly API reference.

You'll be extracting data from your PDF documents in minutes.